Divorce in NYS

Fair Resolutions and Compassionate Service

Divorces are often emotionally contentious and are rarely easy to go through. At Gunger Law Firm we understand the challenges that family members face. We apply our experience and client-centered approach to every case we handle. We provide compassion and a strong shoulder to lean on, along with targeted, personalized advice and assistance.

We adeptly handle the end of a marriage and all of the issues that come along with it. Contact our divorce lawyers online or call 315.253.2288 to schedule a meeting to discuss your case.

Experienced Help With All Issues Surrounding the End of a Marriage

New York has recently made the divorce process a little easier with the enactment of no-fault divorce laws. However, the issues that surround the end a marriage are still the same. At Gunger Law Firm we are prepared to help you knowledgeably and compassionately with:

  • ownership and professional practices
  • High asset divorce

Avoid Litigation Through Collaborative Law

Going to court to end a marriage can be costly, time-consuming and incredibly stressful. At Gunger Law Firm we are trained in collaborative law and can help you avoid the added stress of litigation.

In collaborative law, both parties will sign an agreement to settle the divorce out of court. Outside experts, including financial experts and mental health professionals, often provide assistance in reaching reasonable resolutions. If the parties are unable to settle out of court, they will be required to find new legal counsel. Thus, every member of the collaborative law “team” has a built-in incentive to work together toward a timely and fair resolution.

Call for a Consultation With a New York Collaborative Divorce Attorney

We can help you with property division and all issues related to the end of a marriage. Contact Gunger Law Firm online or call 315.253.2288 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.